Dirk Schlimm Tells How to Influence Powerful People

If you have been in the business and professional work force for even a moderate length of time, chances are strong you have encountered powerful people–those who consider themselves “larger than life.” One big problem: Usually they want you and everyone else to view them that way, too.

What if you haven’t dealt with these ultra egos yet? Stay tuned, because you will.

My brief video above reviews Dirk Schlimm’s book, Influencing Powerful People. He details how to “engage and command the attention of the decision makers to get what you need to succeed,” as the subtitle says. After you have listened to my review, click on the blue link under the video, “Order Schlimm’s book.” The link takes you to his Amazon page.

Having dealt with arrogant bosses, colleagues, clients, and prospective clients myself–during my twenty-three years of management–I can verify that Schlimm’s guidelines will make unlikely alliances more productive. You won’t change the powerful person, yet you will benefit by changing the way you talk and interact with him or her. You’ll change the results, too.


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