Gina Schreck Gives Practical Steps for Social Media Success

Gina Schreck has earned her reputation as the “go-to” authority when you want to learn the most effective ways to use social media.

In this high energy interview (that’s her natural style, you’ll note quickly) here are some of the topics she covers:

–stop collecting and start connecting
–using humor in social media
–a “shotgun approach” versus a “rifle approach”
–Clubhouse, waste of time or a way to monetize your services?
–marketing guidelines

So I strongly encourage you to watch this interview now. Take careful notes of the main points. And let your professional colleagues hear Gina’s recommendations, by giving them the video link!


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Mandy Edwards’ Formula for Social Media Success

In this information-packed interview on the “Biz Communication Show,” Mandy Edwards of ME Marketing Services gives her formula for success with social media. You will value her recommendations as you see how they will improve your marketing action.

The interview link:


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