Realizing That We All See the World Differently

Ever wonder why your associates view the world so differently from the way you see it? My very brief video above explains the power of perception.

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Ignore the Noise, Focus on The Gift


A few days ago I met David Snyder when he attended “Gwinnettworking,” sponsored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Duluth, GA. As we became better acquainted a few days later at lunch, I recognized that he has enjoyed a stellar career.

–Group Sales Manager for Johnson & Johnson
–Vice President for National Accounts, Coca-Cola
–Vice President of Operations, Coca-Cola, Tokyo

Now he provides financial advice for a top-tier client list at Morgan Stanley, operating from Atlanta.

During our conversations, I discovered what I consider the real key to his professional success.

Not his education
Not his networking skills
Not his ability to communicate his ideas
Not his ease in meeting strangers

. . . although with him all of those assets are strong.

Instead, from my viewpoint David’s key to success, both in business and in life, is his outlook on life. In an era when pessimism, gloom, defeatism, fear, resentment, jealousy, and mistrust abound, David said this during our casual lunch chit chat:

“We get two things in life. First, we get a Gift. The Gift comes to us when we wake up, and have another day packed with possibilities.”

What’s the other thing we get? “Noise. Noise is all the things that happen to us, everything that can go wrong during a day.”

So, David went on to explain, “We can choose to let the Noise overwhelm us. But that’s not my choice at all. I focus on the Gift.”

What a powerful way to stay motivated! With David’s permission, I am  sharing his daily approach with you.

You and I face the identical choice day after day.

Let’s ignore the Noise.

Let’s accept the Gift and maximize its opportunities.

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