Water Bottle and Customer Service

It’s amazing how exceptional customer service–which customers love and tell their friends about–doesn’t demand extraordinary expense or effort, such as a half-price sale or an extra month of club membership.

This brief video tells you what happened when I bought a bottle of water in Cozumel, Mexico.

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Clearly, the store’s manager demonstrated that he wanted me to have what I had paid for. He illustrated integrity, a trait customers value. He could have kept the water bottle and re-sold it, but his customer loyalty and commitment to honesty wouldn’t allow that.

Let’s apply this incident to your business by having you answer these questions:

1. How did I surprise a customer with unusually good service?

*Published a direct phone number to customer service, to save time and reduce frustration
*Returned a call after closing hours, showing I care after my assigned work schedule
*Installed brighter parking lot lights, making night entrance to the building safer

2. What are three or four extra new services I can surprise them with next month?

*Install a no-cost Internet connection for customers who have to wait two or three hours, so they can continue working
*Call those who said we solved their complaints last month, ask if they are problem-free now
*Provide first rate child care for shoppers, giving the parents (and other customers) serenity while they look around

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Now. . .where did I put that water bottle?

Can’t Remember Names? Then Try These Tips

“Gosh,” we’re thinking as we see a lady walking toward us from across the room at a reception, “I know her name. . .but what the heck is it?” Your mind goes blank, you break out into a cold sweat, and you wonder how you are going to greet this person you have known for several years.

I’ll bet that sounds familiar. Yet the ability to remember names can set us apart from so many who don’t do that. Take a few brief minutes to check my tips about name recall:

[flvplugin flv=http://thecompletecommunicator.s3.amazonaws.com/remembernames2.flv player= buffer= autoplay=false loop=false border=true preload=true infobutton=false redirect=]