Jeremy Lucabaugh Provides Guidelines for Mastering Difficult Conversations

In our professional life we dread and often avoid “difficult conversations,” so you will welcome the opportunity to hear advice from industrial/organizational psychology consultant Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh–which he gives in the interview above, when I hosted him on my weekly “Biz Communication Show.”


Jeremy’s advice will help you schedule those potentially confrontational meetings you have evaded:
–Telling an employee his failure to maintain good hygiene offends close-by colleagues
–Informing an employee that her attire does not fit the company culture
–Instructing a colleague on dining etiquette

Already, you have identified, I’m sure, other conversations you don’t want to have.

In the interview above, Dr. Lucabaugh explains why we even fear holding these encounters–then defines the steps that will help us remove potential stumbling blocks, and make genuine problem-solving progress.


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3 Keys to Captivating Business Conversations

You know that being able to engage in conversations skillfully will help you in many business situations–job interviews, networking, or dinner with your corporate team. That’s why–in this very brief video–I provide 3 vital keys for captivating business conversations.

Watch this video with your staff and then discuss the key points I mentioned, adding others that the group suggests for conversational success.

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