Big Applause for My Physical Therapist


There’s plenty of reason for my joyful smile in the photo. I’m sitting between the two caregivers at Gainesville Physical Therapy who helped me recover from my March 3 total knee replacement surgery for my right leg. Jeff Skorput sits to my right and Ree Hyatt to my left.

My rigorous regimen with GPT started on March 20 and continued until June 10, totaling 22 sessions. Each session lasted 90 minutes. Between appointments, I spent numerous hours at home performing exercises and stretches they assigned me. Having followed their recovery plan that long, I applaud their place, people, program, and the progress they helped me make.

The place provides enough room that you don’t feel crowded or on display. The most soothing scene: a full-wall picture window that makes the facility seem much larger. Even more beneficial, the view outdoors allows you to enjoy a soothing visit with nature while you’re engaged in maximum exertion and some discomfort.


While Jeff Skorput and Ree Hyatt were the main resources during my treatment, I interacted with other therapists and assistants. Throughout my weeks of pain, stress, and a quest for healing I noted repeatedly that GPT’s people did this:

–Demonstrated proper use of equipment, rather than just describing the steps
–Complimented patients on their progress, then announced new activities and goals
–Recognized when the patient reached his or her limit of pain and movement and allowed a break
–Used well-timed humor to add brightness to what could have been a dismal scene
–Became friends while maintaining their professional status


The program, customized for every patient, operates under this motto: “Restoring you to an active lifestyle.” Understandably, the program expands as the patient’s ability increases.

A strong benefit: The therapy program offers enough variety to prevent monotony. Especially during the second half of my therapy, I tried new positions, motions, and equipment daily.

At all times, the patient knows he or she is going through a plan that has been carefully designed and tested under the appraisal of highly qualified personnel.


Selected examples of my progress at GPT:
–Unable to even move the pedals on a stationery bike, eventually I rode 30 minutes rapidly
–Entered therapy using a cane, left there able to climb stairs comfortably
–Overcame my limp, started walking with good posture and stride
–My rigid, weakened leg gained measurable flexibility and strength
–Stopped thinking of myself as physically limited, resumed my former agility and durability


Clearly, I recommend Gainesville Physical Therapy enthusiastically. The staff helped my body heal and kept my spirits high. So if you are dedicated to regaining your health and you are disciplined enough to carry out their instructions, you will benefit tremendously, as I did.

NOTE: GPT treated me first in 1990, after my back surgery. That therapy was equally as productive as this time around.

GPT’s location: 1296 Sims Street, Gainesville, GA
Phone: 770-297-1700
Web site:

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