Suddenly, I Admire Tiger Woods

golf clubs

I’m surprised, even amazed. Why? Suddenly I admire Tiger Woods.

Not for what he is able to do with a set of golf clubs, like these shiny irons in the photo. In fact, his golf has turned from mastery to misery and mystery. Yesterday he shot 82, the highest round of his professional career–and finished dead last in the Phoenix tournament.

Yet even though his skill has taken a prolonged and unpredictable leave of absence, I admire him for what he said in talking with the press afterward. He faced failure gracefully. His words:

“We all have days like this.” Rather than making excuses or complaining, he added: “We take the good with the bad, and the thing is, even on bad days like this, just keep fighting.” Additionally, “On the good days, you’ve got to keep fighting as well.”

Summing up: “Still got a lot of work to do.”

For years, I disliked Tiger’s arrogance and other character flaws. I wanted him to lose his number one ranking. I laughed when his scores soared, along with his temper.

Now Tiger has turned me from critic to cheerleader.

Do you join me in applauding his reaction, which we can apply to bigger disappointments in our own lives?


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