Jane Garee’s Stirring Guidelines for Living

If you browse through the more than 200 entries I have posted in this blog, you will see that not only do I share my own ideas and strategies with you, I also spotlight people who have impressed me greatly. I enjoy helping you get acquainted with them. They have given me fresh insights and inspiration, and I want you to benefit from their articles, books, videos, blogs, and Web sites, as I have.

Are these people I feature just friends I’m doing a favor for? Not at all. I haven’t met most of the guest bloggers. Yes, I know them through the Internet and maybe a phone call or two, but haven’t shared “coffee and conversation” or a meal. As you can imagine, I gain their permission before I publish their words here.

Just last week, Jane Garee from West Palm Beach, FL, wrote a Facebook posting that captivated me. After reading it, I commented that many famous religious leaders and philosophers would envy her ability to state great truths so clearly and compellingly.

Shared some meaningful moments with friends over the weekend and today. Then I get on FB this morning and see a lot of unnecessary drama and mean spirited ill will. Disgusted. Over it. Logged off. Decided not to get on FB the rest of the day. Then a very touching conversation with a friend who lost a loved one changed my mind so I’m back on FB and here’s my message:

Life is short. Love hard. Stop posting hateful things. Give other people the benefit of the doubt. When people don’t believe as you do, there’s no need to demonize them. You can’t rant and rave about people who rant and rave and sound even halfway logical. Stop posting on the days you feel sick and start posting on the days you feel GREAT!

Hug your pets. Kiss your kids. Thank your parents. Call your siblings. Love on your significant other. Make lunch dates with your friends. Say something kind or don’t say anything at all. Lift up instead of tear down. Don’t fuel the fire, put it out. Decide you don’t care if people think you’re right so you no longer feel the need to prove them wrong.

Stop painting people in broad strokes with labels and categories and look at the individual. Look at YOURSELF. Do your part to make today a beautiful, harmonious day for everyone who crosses your path. We all have less tomorrows than we think.

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