Business Leader Learns from Improv Theatre

Alan Urech and I met two years ago in an Atlanta networking group. Ever since, we have remained in contact. Not long ago, Alan mentioned that a six-week course in Improv Theatre had helped him reshape his business behavior. His theatre group–Cheap Therapy–is from Blank Stage productions. Check the Web site:

Fascinated by the idea, I invited Alan to join me for an interview. As you watch and listen, take notes on how you can apply the same principles to your profession.

Here is Alan Urech’s contact information:


Phone: 678-520-9989

How to Make a Sizzling First Impression!

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. . . are what we dream about making.

Fact is, we dream that practically every day, when we are–

*Making the first sales call to a prospect
*Attending Business After Hours at the Chamber of Commerce
*Enjoying a first date with someone we consider highly attractive
*Interviewing for a job (as thousands of people will do now for
the first time in years)
*Speaking to a prestigious group, known for its strong
networking potential
*Meeting a bank officer to apply for a loan
*Requesting a contribution to our favorite charity
*Talking with an unhappy customer we didn’t know previously
*Welcoming a new patient to our medical office
*Meeting the parents of a child we teach

My guess is that you could name many other situations
when you want to make a sizzling first impression.

That’s right. . .not average, not warm, not sort of hot. . .

Those of you who have read my newsletter for awhile know
that I’ve written about this vital topic before.

Also, I talk about the power of first impressions with my
professional colleagues. Recently, here’s how my
conversation went with Terry Brock, renowned marketing
and technology expert, based in Orlando, FL.

“You know,” Terry said, “what you say about making a
sizzling first impression has incredible potential for
helping people succeed in their personal and business
lives. So I have an idea.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well, let’s record your thoughts in an audio interview.
Plenty of professional people would benefit by listening–
on their iPods or playing your CD in the car during the
commute to work.”

“You’re right, Terry. With audio I could share my ‘sizzling’
strategy in a new format.”

“Yep, Bill, and your newsletter subscribers who have been
reading your ideas will welcome opportunities to hear your
suggestions, too. That will reinforce what they have heard,
and introduce them to new approaches, too.”

“What’s the next step, then, Terry?”

“Bill, I will interview you, and the audio we produce
will help people meet others with confidence and poise.
We won’t talk about gimmicks–but about what really
works. You know the best approach, since you have
dealt with prestigious clients around the world.”

That was the planning stage. Now we have the audio,
priced to meet your budget. The title:

“How to Make a Sizzling First Impression!”

You can order:

–Audio CD, $29.97, plus $3.85 for priority mailing
(CD available for purchase within the continental U.S.)


–Downloadable mp3, $14.97
(Available anywhere in the world)

To place your order, visit my online shopping cart:

Once you listen to “sizzling”–probably a number of times,
as Terry Brock suggests–you will:

*remember names with accuracy that you didn’t think possible
*rearrange your office seating to create a friendlier space
*speak with a professional’s skill, yet conversationally
*adjust your style when the stranger prefers another style
*grasp the underlying value of “business casual”
*mind your manners, moreso than previously
*reduce the risk of offending someone with humor
*become a champion listener
*become more sensitive to touch and other nonverbal actions

One more comment about Terry Brock, M.B.A., my interviewer.
You will enjoy his questions and insights. Terry started his
career as a radio broadcaster, so interviewing is nothing
new to him. As the widely syndicated author of the
“Success Today” column, he has spoken, directed seminars,
and provided coaching in 25 countries. For more information,
visit his Web site:

Now, to learn

“How to Make A Sizzling First Impression!”–

here once again is the link to my online store, where
you can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal:

This 37-minute interview offers first impression guidelines
that will improve your life and your career–dramatically,

Order now. . .and enjoy the results of “sizzling” first impressions
that will happen soon.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.
“The Complete Communicator”
“Learn More. . .Earn More!”
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