3 More Ways to Control Your Stage Fright

Is stage fright controlling you? Do you avoid speaking situations because you are afraid you’ll get poor ratings from the audience? Or do you avoid promotion because the next step up would require more speaking obligations?

Then I hope you have seen my earlier video, “Six Ways to Control Stage Fright.” If you haven’t watched that yet, here is a link to the You Tube version:


Or you can visit this blog’s archives to see that video. Go to June 2008, and you’ll find “Six Ways” there.

Note that the “Six Ways” video has attracted more than 10,000 viewers. Quite obviously, stage fright is not just your problem or mine. Everyone (even professional speakers like me) experiences some level of fear about facing an audience.

Recognizing that I have learned and used other valuable tips for controlling your stage fright–tips I have shared with my executive coaching clients–I produced another video for you.:

[flvplugin flv=http://stagefright.s3.amazonaws.com/3wayscontrol2.flv player= buffer= autoplay=false loop=false border=true preload=true infobutton=false redirect=]

In this new video, you’ll notice that I invite you to visit my Online Coaching page, where you can consider signing up for this year-round program, very modestly priced. As the name implies, you will have access to numerous training materials that I provide through the Internet. Use this link:


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I welcome your comments, and other blog readers will, too. So after watching this video, you are free to comment. Just go to the end of the blog entry and click NO COMMENTS if none have been made, or if comments have been made click 1 comment, 2 comments, or whatever the comments button says. The comments section will appear.

One more relevant thought regarding stage fright. A friend sent me this wise statement: “If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

Sportscaster’s Book Entertains and Inspires

Thousands of sports fans have heard Phil Schaefer’s voice during his decades in broadcasting. His smooth, mellow tones have described the Masters Golf Tournament, University of Georgia football and basketball, Ohio State basketball, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves–and numerous other events.

Phil spoke with me about his recently released book, Sins of a Southern Sportscaster. You’ll enjoy his sports memories–including comments about outstanding athletes he has known– along with his advice for those who want to succeed in their profession.

Here again:

His e-mail address: sesportsb@comcast.net

Web site: http://southernsportscaster.com