Jan Whyte Explains the Value of Coaching

How valuable is Coaching?

No one could explain this better than Jan Whyte, a Professional Coach based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Before she became a Coach, she benefited from other Coaches.

Jan and I became acquainted while I was preparing to give the keynote speech–and then direct an afternoon breakout session–for the British Columbia Legal Management Association (BCLMA). She provided extensive information about the legal management profession and the association.

When we met at the conference, I had become aware that, through her Coaching, Jan helps people discover their skills and put them to use. So I asked her to come by for a brief interview about Coaching. Fortunately, she agreed. Here is the result:

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Stay Excited About Your Message

For a full day, Garrett was our tour guide through the jungles and caves of Belize. He displayed tremendous enthusiasm for his job. Though he had given this tour hundreds of times, he illustrated the same enthusiasm a newcomer would show.

During the tour, Garrett told me two reasons he could maintain his zest and good spirits. I’m glad to share them with you through this brief video.



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