Tropical Tip from Grand Cayman Traffic

One of the most important keys to successful communication: adjusting to people whose customs, traditions, and habits differ from ours. This key becomes especially vital when we travel to other countries.

I was thinking about our need to remain flexible when I observed the traffic on Grand Cayman. Watch this video to catch my comments:

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And now I wonder–are you altering your communication style to interact productively with your work colleagues, friends, and even family members?

To make sure you accomplish this, I suggest that you complete the DISC System of Personal Style Analysis. The financial investment is moderate. The time required to complete the survey form? Only ten minutes. The immediate result: Target Training International e-mails you a detailed twenty page report, describing your predominant communication style. Equally important, you’ll get instructions on how to communicate more winsomely with those who prefer other styles.

For additional information about DISC, please e-mail me, and title your e-mail

DISC Survey Form

That way I’ll be sure to fill your request quickly. I’ll e-mail you details about what DISC can do for you, and how I can administer it for you online. My e-mail address:

Take advantage of DISC today. Then, like traffic at Grand Cayman, you will move in the most appropriate direction.