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Use Self-Directed Humor to Get Noticed

Yes, I’m continuing my “Tropical Tips” series with brief videos shot in July in the Caribbean.

My tee shirt tells you where this video originated–Cozumel, one of the world’s loveliest vacation spots, a favorite of scuba divers and even non swimming tourists.

Behind me you’ll see the Carnival Legend, my unforgettably grand cruise ship. As they say in the media, “stay tuned,” because in an upcoming blog entry I will feature Shawn Busby, the ship’s vivacious Cruise Director.

Now for my message from the dock at Cozumel:

[flvplugin flv=http://caribbean.s3.amazonaws.com/ccbrokeneperf5.flv player= buffer= autoplay=false loop=false border=true preload=true infobutton=false redirect=]

That’s a terrific way to bring a crowd in and to keep them happy when they become customers–use self-directed humor that’s creative and tasteful.

To illustrate further: When I speak and direct seminars about customer service, I include a comparison of two prominent American comedians, Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield.

Rickles, I point out in my presentations, became famous for his harsh, biting humor. Invariably, he poked fun at audience members. At times, his remarks prompted groans, not laughter. For me, he exceeded boundaries of good taste too frequently. He seemed a bit mean spirited and impolite. Sometimes he made me laugh, I admit, but I wouldn’t want to have dinner with him after the show.

Dangerfield, though, made fun of himself with his classic “I don’t get no respect” routine. He became the fall guy of his jokes. Ultimately, Rodney established a legacy of fun and entertainment, with adoring fans who memorized his one-liners. In my judgment, his approach was much more winsome than the caustic humor Rickles inflicted on audiences.

Remember, your customer service, marketing, advertising, and sales will benefit from humor that is:

Respectful of others

OK, that’s my tropical tip from the dock at Cozumel. Now I want your input. Please comment on this blog, using the Comments link to access the space for your opinions, after you sign up.

Please share with me and other readers:

1. Your favorite advertisers who use self-deprecating, tasteful humor
2. How you have used respectful humor in marketing your services
3. The sales results your business has experienced from using humor
4. Any questions you want to ask me about this topic

Thanks ahead of time for sharing your examples of humor in business.

Say. . .didn’t some guy named Disney make a few bucks using G-rated humor with his clientele?

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