Enjoy the Office Party, Keep Your Reputation

During my twenty-three year management career, I attended many office parties, associating casually with my bosses and the people who reported to me. Whether the hosts referred to the events as socials, drop-ins, happy hours, or company annual parties, the purpose was about the same. Supervisors wanted to demonstrate that they could be sociable and friendly. They wanted to reward hard workers with a little fun. And they wanted members of the team to get to know each other away from the work place.

Most often, these functions were enjoyable and mutually beneficial. They fostered bonding and good will. Employees felt honored and appreciated.

Unfortunately, every now and then an employee would enjoy the festivities too much. He or she mistook the company gathering for a frat party. Consequently, this individual’s reputation took a nose dive, and in the worst instances led to a job loss.

So check my advice about how to really enjoy the corporate fun, without risking your good name and your employment.

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Please note: Even today, I use these professional behavior guidelines when I speak and deliver seminars at conferences and conventions. I remind myself that my performance off stage carries a message just as noticeable and memorable as my on stage performance.

6 Steps for Controlling Your Stage Fright

 You know some of the reactions you might have when you’re going to give a speech:

Churning stomach
Dry mouth
Tight throat
Excessive perspiration
Wobbly knees
Memory loss

You have experienced these symptoms because they are so common. However, you can learn to control your anxiety–and, surprisingly, even make your stage fright work to your advantage.

Here’s are the 6 steps you need:

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