Golf Pro Improved My Game Immediately

Yesterday I had an exciting golf experience. My teaching pro–Mark Bowen, pictured giving a lesson to Lauren Bell–gave me a 90 minute lesson. I went to him because I was having a big problem with my short shots into the green, those of 100 yards or less. This was especially frustrating because my tee shots have been long and straight, yet I couldn’t score well because my wedge shots were unreliable.

Mark watched me hit a few shots, so he could identify the problem. Then in less than 15 minutes, he showed me the right grip, stance, and swing motion that would almost guarantee success when I followed his directions.

Next, we practiced hitting shots to the green from different distances, from as close as 10 yards up to 83 yards away. Mark demonstrated the changes I would need to make to adjust to the varied distances.

To my delight, the last 7 shots I hit to a green from 83 yards away were incredible. The were right at the target. Two of them almost went in the hole.

Notice two big points here. One is that I have played golf avidly since age thirteen. I have taken many lessons. Yet there is always more to learn. I slip into bad habits that I can’t see myself. Only my golf coach can spot the problem and provide a solution.

The second point is that under the watchful eye of a skilled coach, I improved dramatically, hitting difficult shots with an ease and confidence I had never felt before. Today I practiced for another hour, to make sure I remembered Mark’s tips. Fortunately, I did, and I hit many shots I was incapable of hitting just three days ago.

If you’re a golfer, I recommend that you contact Mark, Director of Golf and Head Professional, Chattahoochee Golf Course, Gainesville, Georgia. His phone: 770-532-0066. His instruction will become one of your finest golf investments.

As Columbo used to say on TV, “Oh, and there’s just one more thing. . . .” A few minutes ago, it dawned on me that this is why I provide communication coaching for individual clients. Like Mark Bowen, I get tremendous satisfaction from helping others strengthen their skills. One of my clients learns how to rely less on notes while giving a speech. Another one learns to control stage fright. Another client uses Power Point more effectively. I love to watch their progress.

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Remember my motto: “Learn more. . .Earn More!”

Talk to Your Self Before You Talk With Others

What? Talk to myself? Won’t that seem goofy?

Not according to Shad Helmstetter, author of What to Say When You Talk to Yourself. I read his book quite a few years ago–not once, but several times. If you haven’t read it or listened to the audio version, I encourage you to do that right away.

In fact, as I say frequently in my communication seminars, you should definitely have a constructive talk with yourself before you try to speak with others.

This brief video explains the value of self-talk:

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